Who we are

Contributors to international business success — and supporters of building a better working world.

Where do you start, if you want to internationalise your business?
and do your bit towards changing the world?


Develop IN Europe is committed to contributing to building a better working world — with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms, and greater international collaboration.

This is the DINE purpose — and why we exist as an organisation.

530 million

Combined population of Europe — estimated maket size

approximately 20%

European contribution to global Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

€20.7 trillion

Total GDP of European Countries, 2019

6% EU’s GDP

The combined economies of Germany’s two richest states (Bayern and Baden-Wüttemberg) equal the combined GDP of Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden)

20% growth

The Asian century has now begun, for real, with Asia’s share of world GDP at PPP $ projected to surpass that of the rest of the entire world starting 2020, and beyond

200 million + 57% of  EU’s total GDP

The combined number of consumers in Germany and its extended home markets (D-A-CH Deutschland, Austria, Switzerland), France and the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg); representing an enormous market potential

What we do

Helping our clients to solve their toughest internationalisation business challenges — Advice. Support. Represent.

DINE is an accelerator of international growth. We create new business from strategic execution, via the support for funding of innovations and via on the ground representation in export markets. Our top experts and the latest research data enable companies to seize market opportunities turning them into success stories.

As industries converge, they create new value and opportunities for business. DINE helps organisations identify and capitalise on these fresh opportunities.

Industry convergence represents the most fundamental growth opportunity for organisations and will redefine industry boundaries by shifting the focus from individual products to cross-industry value experiences, based on digital business principles — conquer exciting markets with confidence.

From mobility to health care to future cities, traditional industry boundaries are being disrupted, as sectors converge to adapt to technological and societal changes. Navigating this fast-changing environment requires agility and fresh thinking. As we reinvent how we work, live and play, DINE is helping clients embrace industry disruption as an opportunity.

Our strategy is two-fold: We enable companies to grow internationally creating world-class business ecosystems and competitive business environments for Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

Our services

At DINE, we’re dedicated to helping our clients, from startups to established SMEs and the corporate segment – and the work we do with them is as varied as they are.


Our unique service model features experts located around the world, who provide authoritative advice, unmatched in-market knowledge, business development skills and ongoing operational support.

Through our four service lines — Market Reassurance (Expansion Planning), Advisory (Strategic Advice), In-market Execution (Compliance and Recipe for Success) and Transaction Advisory Services (Complimentary Management Consulting) — we help organisations capitalise on opportunities. We help them fulfill export aspirations, regulatory requirements, keep investors informed and meet stakeholder needs. And in a fast-changing world, we give them the support they need to be effective today and create long-term growth for tomorrow.

Across all disciplines and from every angle, DINE professionals draw on our shared creativity, experience, judgment and diverse perspectives. Wherever they operate, we help clients address their toughest challenges, so their businesses are fit for internationalisation and a digital future.

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Envisaging a better working world — sustainability in everything we do.

Our strenghts.

Crisp insights. Strategic advisory. International networks.

DINE is the international expert that understands local needs.

As an independent professional services provider, we believe that complexity should not be a barrier to opportunity. We are dedicated to enabling businesses to venture further in the international stage. We do this by providing specialised, complimentary business-critical financial and administrative services that help our clients to operate in different geographic locations.

Core services.

Market entry. International expansion. GTM — Europe and Asia Pacific.

  • Market information. Quick market checking. Extensive market study. Industry overview (industry size, trade statistics, industry performance). Distribution channels. Analysis of potential competitors and customers. Industry associations and publications. Industry trade shows and conferences.
  • Customer research, identification and targeting. Business partners search.
  • Marketing, public relations, advertising and sponsorship opportunities. We help you to make your business highly visible to your international customers, locally.
  • Event management and trade Expo representation. Concept development, participation and event follow-up. Round tables, showroom, product launch, partner seminars, workshops, conferences, networking events, trade shows, gala receptions and press conferences.


When preparing to enter a new market, it can be challenging to manage legal and operational requirements. This is why we offer a wide range of complimentary services.

  • Certified business content and document translations, including NAATI compliance and ISO 9001 quality assurance. We simplify localisation, so you can cost-effectively go international at scale.
  • Entity Setup and support. Establish a foreign entity with speed, precision, and compliance.
  • Our business representation service offers a cost-efficient and low-risk alternative for entering new markets. For many startups and SMEs the market entry and market development in foreign countries is a considerable undertaking. Furthermore, market, country and language knowledge is often limited; perhaps so too personnel and financial resources. To overcome these barriers, a local business representation could be a convenient solution.
  • International talent acquisition. Customised human resources administration services. Immigration advisory.
  • Payroll services and corporate annual legal compliance.
  • Relocation services.

Professional services — independent expert advice.

Our partners can support you, when you require business advisory, legal advise and international taxation support.

  • Business advisory, risk assessments, succession planning. International corporate structuring. International entity health checks.
  • Valuations, business sales, mergers and acquisitions, litigation support.
  • Legal services. Company formation and incorporations.
  • Accounting and finance. Bookkeeping, cloud accounting, payroll and regulatory compliance. Common Reporting Standards (CRS). Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).
  • Local Goods and Services Tax (GST) / Value-Added Tax (VAT) compliance. International income and complex taxation matters. Tax opinions. Disputes, audits and rulings. Voluntary disclosures. Land and Property tax.
  • Corporate secretarial services. Registered and process agent services. Directorships and Officer services.
  • Assistance with getting your Anti-Money Laundering (AML) programme up and running as well as ongoing support for general Know Your Customer (KYC) checking. Auditing for AML regulations and Countering Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Act legislation.


Family business wealth management. Trusted. Discrete. Secure. Experienced. Our investment advisory practice follows a respected and unified methodology mead-to measure for specific geographical areas.

  • Investment advice. Portfolio monitoring and management.
  • Personal wealth optimisation and protection for future generations.
  • Trusts. Estate planning. Domestic and foreign trusts. Key person insurances.
  • Services for high-net-worth individuals.
  • Family office services.


Our work requires us to liaise with teams of external tax experts, finance professionals and investor portfolio managers to provide consistent and stable advisory services, but this is not done without your consent, and we ensure you are party to all correspondence and discussions we may have, on your personal and/or legal entities’ behalf.

How we do it — our carefully tested and proven international expansion methodology

Learn. Explore idea(s). Initial 4-6 week period
Comprehend. Validation period of up to 12-16 weeks
Prep GTM strategy. Incubate ~ 4-6 months
Cultivation of sales and client references. Nurture in-market relations ~ 8 months
Improve. Scaleup. Incremental revenue growth. Expand and advance ~ 10 months

Innovation to support your business development and internationalisation.

Understand. Discovery workshop. Gauge your ambition levels and marry these up with business readiness. Start by a fundamental investigation of your international market potential. Learn about unique market dynamics. Gain access to invaluable insights, intelligence, innovation project cases and market analysis. Get the tools and confidence to understand your pathway to export success and internationalisation. If required, we will help you develop a robust plan to raise capital and connect you to investors.

Export readiness and market preparedness. Get your strategy validated and endorsed.

Prepare. Define your strategy and develop a targeted 90-day action plan. Meet your market. Prepare your Go-To-Market (GTM). Start the development of your export plan. We are your direct access to international business innovation environments. Tech and market scouting. The latest technological advances and strategic partnerships. Get ready to scale up your in-market activity. Be internationally future-ready.

Kick-off you Go-To-Market (GTM) with in-market selling and local marketing.

Sell. Market launch, proper. Commence you localised marketing efforts. Immerse yourself in you new market(s). Gain a competitive advantage in the fast-changing international business market with the help of our local sales experts . Export promotional activity. Expos, commercial partnering, Strategic Alliances, eCommerce, establish your very first local reference customer(s).

Build incremental revenue streams. Sustainable business growth. Optimise new market(s).

Improve. Focus on acceleration — exponential and sustainable business growth. Employ broader tactics such as Government and Public Affairs. Further incubation and market investments. Gain a deeper understanding of your target audience overseas and turn those insights into competitive advantages. Develop fit for purpose strategic leadership to help your business make smarter decisions. Prioritise digital and strategise for future sustainability.


We help you understand, who the players and the trends are on the local market.

Step 2 — PREPARE

We help you to adapt and to prepare your local Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy.

Step 3 — SELL

Our onsite consultants are with you every step of the way and will help you develop your optimal sales approach ton achieve sales meetings.

Step 4 — IMPROVE

We will work together with you and collaborate closely with you all along the way around your business plan opbejtives.

Our process for market differentiation.

Start to navigate your export journey.


About us.

We are a friendly, outgoing and fun group of intellectual business visionaries. We’re German, French, Dutch, Danish and Kiwi plus many, many other nationalities. And we want to make an impact together! Most of us bring 20+ years of experience within strategic business development, digital marketing, international market development, corporate finance and management consulting. Common for us all is our entrepreneurial spirit and can-do attitude. We absolutely love our clients and in turn our clients’ customers, international in-market business partners and wider contact networks. We believe in the magic of internationalisation and the impact it has on people’s lives. We believe that our culture is core to us having the greatest impact. Our lives in short: Family, passion, having fun, working hard, making an impact and changing the world! Every single day we are motivated to be the very best in the world and to make an impact. We care intensely and passionately about achieving our vison and helping our clients be successful everyday on the international stage — for they have put their trust in us, thus we work hard to realise our shared dreams



Our sustainable development goals — aside from differentiation and helping our clients disrupt international markets.

Business will play a crucial role in achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In 2015, 193 member states of the United Nations adopted 17 global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the aim of ending poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and tackling climate change by 2030.

The SDGs cover broad challenges such as economic inclusion, diminishing natural resources, geopolitical instability, environmental degradation and the impacts of climate change. Business, academia and nonprofit organisations globally played a part in their development.

Many companies also have been working to address environmental, social and economic issues. They recognise that they can address complex sustainability challenges only by scaling up their efforts and collaborating with peers, industry and sector bodies, customers, governments, non-profit organisations, and society in general.

The SDGs provide a visionary framework. Business is likely to play a major role in meeting them and will have a lot to gain in the process.

Develop IN Europe - onsite for your business

Send us an enquiry — Develop IN Europe.

Develop IN Europe was founded to help and support companies grow internationally. We are trusted experts in this field. If you are interested to launch, sell and market your products and technologies in D-A-CH (Germany and its extended home markets, including Austria and Switzerland), France and the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg), we encourage you to contact us today to discuss your journey towards exciting export markets. We operate from a network of 50+ international office locations and we’d love to hear from you. Our Central European head offices are located in Germany, where we have teams of specialist local sales and marketing staff working on a variety of initial Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy work as well as ongoing in-market activity (in the name of our clients). We have 20+ European offices with partners across France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and parts of Eastern Europe. Head Offices for the Nordics is located in Denmark and we have our Scandinavian colleagues in Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Develop IN Asia Pacific - onsite for your business

Contact us — Develop IN Asia Pacific.

While Develop IN Europe is predominantly focussed on assisting companies with their GTM strategies and in-market executions in Europe, our Develop IN Asia Pacific delivery arm currently also covers business going the opposite way bringing European businesses (and to some extent including North American and South American companies) to Australasia (New Zealand and Australia), Southeast Asia (Singapore), East Asia (Hong Kong, China) — and even to the Indian subcontinent from time-to-time, on a smaller scale. In reverse, we also welcome Asia Pacific local businesses to contact us to learn more about, how we can help you with internationalisation know-how, financing of export ventures and local expertise on how best to launch and grow your business in Europe, selling and marketing of your products and technologies into key local European markets. We are here to help. Our Regional Head Offices are located in New Zealand with further office locations and partner networks across Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Southern India.

Localising business — we make it simple!

What clients say


“Rasmus Lyhne, Geschäftsführer – Director Europe, stands out for his ability to build efficient Go-To-Market strategies and he knows how to get the best out of clients. At Formpipe, I hired him to explore international market expansion opportunities south of Denmark and he managed to develop sustainable reseller channels across Germany and in France.

Having worked internationally for many years, his business mindset is truly European and he understands the fundamental issues at play in markets such as D-A-CH,  France and the Benelux. With Rasmus’ extensive business network, linguistic proficiency, trustworthiness, energy and drive, any Scandinavian company can short-cut their entry into foreign exports markets”.

Lennart Garbarsch
CEO – Tabellae

Would you like DINE to help you start navigating your exciting export journey?

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Via our local experts and partner networks across 50+ locations in over 30 countries, we combine local knowledge with international experience.